Don Baldwin

Location Scout & Manager

2347 NE 9th Avenue

Portland, Oregon   97212

Cell: (503) 780-7989

Home: (503) 281-4741




Woodrow Wilson High School, Portland, OR   1975

Oregon College of Education, Monmouth, OR   BS, Secondary Ed., 1980


Previous Experience:

Officer, U.S. Navy, 1982-88


Features & television:


Location Manager                               “Leverage” Seasons 2 & 3    D: various

Assistant Location Manager, Oregon  “The Road”                           D: John Hillcoat

Key Assistant Location Manager/

Second Unit Location Manager           “Twilight”                              D: Catherine Hardwicke

Location Manager, Oregon                  “Into the Wild”                      D: Sean Penn

Assistant Location Manager                “The Hunted’                         D: William Friedkin

Second Unit Location Manager           “Antitrust”                             D: Peter Howitt

Location Consultant                            “A.I.”                                     D: Steven Speilberg

Location Manager                               “A Place Apart”                     D: Michael McLeod

Assistant Location Manager                “Breakfast of Champions”    D: Alan Rudolph

Assistant Location Manager                “Zero Effect”                                     D: Jake Kasdan

Location Manager                               “Backtime”                            D: Steve Miller

Location Scout                                    “Nowhere Man”                    D: various

Assistant Location Manager                “Under Suspicion”                D: various

Location Manager, ALM                     “Mr. Holland’s Opus”                      D: Stephen Herek

Assistant Location Manager                “To My Daughter with Love”            D: Kevin Hooks

Assistant Location Manager                “Come See the Paradise”       D: Alan Parker

Assistant Location Manager                “Spy”                                                D: Phillip F. Messina


Commercials & stills (since 2003):


Nike                                                    Weiden + Kennedy

Converse                                             Central Planning

Providence Health                               Eyeplay, Inc.

ProFlowers                                          Respond2

Toyota Prius Catalog                           Thomas Strogalski Photography

Yamaha Rhino Catalog                        Eric Hameister Photography

Toyota Running Footage                     Ranch Exit Films

Infiniti G37                                         RSA USA, Inc.

Coors Light                                         Little Minx @ RSA

Nike/Finish Line                                 Believe Media

Nike Plus                                            Nike

Bowflex                                               Big Shot Pictures

Subaru                                                 Radiant Pictures

Oregon Lottery                                    Reginaldo

Purifan                                                            Euro RSCG

Acura                                                   Productions in the Sun

Cadillac                                               Form

Ford                                                    Film Realite

Fred Meyer                                         Big Shot Pictures

Hewlett Packard                                  Euro RSCG

Volkswagen (stills)                              Arnold Worldwide

Cadillac                                               Anonymous Content

Clorox                                                 Euro RSCG

Ford                                                    James Haefner Photography

Acura                                                   Michael Moore Photography

Honda                                                 Toshi Oku Photography

Kia                                                      Area 51

Volkswagen Touareg                           Michael Moore Photography

Toyota                                                 Ranch Exit Films

Toyota Tundra                                     Anonymous Content

Acura                                                   November Films

Ford                                                    Film Row

Oregon Lottery                                    Japanese Monster

Acura                                                   Michael Moore Photography

Volkswagen                                         Michael Moore Photography

Volkswagen Phaeton                           Redtree Productions



Additional information:


Fully digital since 2002, I also still have my 35 if needed. I’m a Portland native with 19 years of local experience. I have the expertise of a feature and television manager and the eye of a commercial scout.